A Perfect Day

I guess not many people at the restaurant yesterday understood why I danced (by myself, in a parking lot, to no music) because there was a solar eclipse. It was for three reasons.

  • It was my birthday and I had every right to do so.
  • There was a solar eclipse which felt like a birthday present from the Sky.
  • I am the Skychild and the Sky makes me happy, and so I danced to express just how awesome my 25th Birthday was.

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I Told a Big, Fat Lie!

First and foremost, happy Valentine’s Day! I never used to make a big deal out of it, because I never really had anyone to share with it, but now that I do have a significant other, I enjoy making a fuss of things.

So, funny story;

It was 2016, exactly a year ago. It was the second Valentine’s Day I got to share with my Sweety, but we were long distance at the time, and there wasn’t much else I could do apart from giving him the gift of my voice.

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Character Creation for Lazy People

Inspiration is everywhere! Really and truly it is! Have a look at how I designed my characters and you’ll see that it requires almost no thought at all.

Damien Gloria Day, the main protagonist of The Fifth Warrior, was created in my likeness. I wanted to write a fantasy story about a coloured South African girl, because fantasy stories about coloured South African girls are few and far between (if they even exist). I always think of Damien as a prettier, taller, non-dreadlocked version of me.

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The Disincarnates are Real!

Usually when I write posts like this, I try my best to be eloquent and poetic. But this story sounds so unbelievable there is no other way to tell it, than to just spew it out and hope I don’t become the subject of your ridicule.

When The Disincarnates Series first popped into my head, it wasn’t called The Disincarnates Series because it was never going to be a series. It was simply The Fifth Warrior- a planned standalone about a girl in a world of magic who has to fight as one of the boys. It had a plot so simple I cry tears of shame when I think about it. It had no substance. No message. No point.

One night, while I was in a deep sleep, I had an out of body experience. Your first instinct might be “You were dreaming, duh,” but you will soon learn that I was not.

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The Disincarnates’ Origins

When I was a kid my favourite stories were those that had to do with heroes who could control the elements. It started with shows like the Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog and Captain Planet. I wanted nothing more than to be able to wield fire or control the wind. These were the most magical of all the fantasy stories to me. I never grew out of them. I can still recall a perfect Saturday morning when I woke up to watch KTV (South Africans will know!) and to my delight, they showed repeats of another elemental show I loved- W.I.T.C.H.  I must have been 12 or so at the time, and spent the rest of the day pretending that I too was a Guardian.

But one thing the stories I adored all seemed to have in common, was the idea that magic is supernatural. Furthermore, elemental powers were usually given to the chosen ones; the worthy, the bearers of amulets and rings and armour. I didn’t mind that at all. It is a formula that worked well.

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The Time is Nigh (and I am Terrified)

Folks, I am terrified. My fear requires a teeny bit of back story, so bear with me.

Three days ago I had to fix something that I had overlooked in the design of my book. Those who have taken the DIY route will understand; the small changes that I made overrode the formatting, and I had to fix all 368 pages of it. I thought that it would take a few weeks to fix. I am not the best at formatting. Also I am lazy, and lack discipline and willpower.

So, I thought I would give myself a head start and format at least the first few chapters. I soon learned that all the tedious time I have spent figuring out how to manually format a book has become part of my muscle memory. By the end of the hour, the entire book looked just how I wanted it to. So I exported it as a PDF, opened it in my reader and had a look at every page to make sure that there was nothing out of place. Everything was as it should be.

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A Brief Introduction to Awesomeness

This is approximately the 15 bilionth time I have tried to manage a blog.

In the past I had all the motivation in the world, but no discipline, no resources and no willpower. I was the sort of person who had a new, fantastic idea every second day. I would set up the blogs, pages, links and channels and then… I’d fail.

It is actually spectacular just how many times I failed, and yet never learned my lesson.

This time, however, at least one thing is different. I invested in my very own domain name. I paid for this blog. You can bet your souls I am dedicated to it!

So, it might not be very original, but I’ll kick this off by telling you about me.

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