I Told a Big, Fat Lie!

First and foremost, happy Valentine’s Day! I never used to make a big deal out of it, because I never really had anyone to share with it, but now that I do have a significant other, I enjoy making a fuss of things.

So, funny story;

It was 2016, exactly a year ago. It was the second Valentine’s Day I got to share with my Sweety, but we were long distance at the time, and there wasn’t much else I could do apart from giving him the gift of my voice.

I compiled a little lyric video/ slideshow of photos of us to go with the song, uploaded it to YouTube and tagged him in the link for it. It was one of the most romantic things I have ever done.

The lyrics I wrote portrayed the struggles of long distance relationships. May I post them for you? They go like this:

I wonder if you can remember
The day you healed my broken heart
It seemed like it sparked the flame
But I have loved you since the start

‘Cause some souls are
I am yours and you were made for me

They just don’t seem to understand
What it’s like to love without touch
They have no idea, just how it feels
To want someone this much

‘Cause you, my love are so far away
And I yearn for you like Night yearns for Day
And I’d walk this world a thousand times
If it meant I’d end up right by your side

 ‘Cause some souls are
I am yours and you were made for me


It’s sweet, isn’t it? It’s one of the best songs I have ever written, and one of my personal favourites.

But it was all a big fat lie. I wrote the song for Valentine’s Day, sure. And I feel that way about my Sweety, yes. But those lyrics weren’t inspired by being far away from him.

They were written through the eyes of my character, Marshall, and how he feels about a love he lost a long time ago.

I only confessed this ridiculous fib months later. My Sweety wasn’t mad at me, so that’s good!

Don’t you think it’s fascinating how art can have a definite message and  then be interpreted as something entirely different to what was intended?

I guess that’s the beauty of it!

This is the video:

And for those who don’t care for YouTube, here is the song on Soundcloud:


Have you ever found beauty or meaning in an unlikely place? Have you ever told a big fat lie for the greater good? Also, what’s your favourite love song? Have a LOVE-ly day! 


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