Yes Man- A GREAT Read!

I meant to read Yes Man many moons ago when I found it at a charity shop for 5 ZAR (convert that into your currency, and you will understand what a score that was!).
When I bought it, I knew nothing about it apart from the fact that it spawned a Jim Carrey film adaptation. It seemed like a fun read but alas, it gathered dust on my shelf for months.

I picked it up again in February partly because I needed something I knew I would get through quickly, and also because it has red on its cover- symbolic of the month of love. Before I read it, I had a feeling that I would enjoy it. What I didn’t expect is that it would become a firm favourite- one of the best I have read in a while!

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See. Red.

For those who don’t know, Yes Man is a memoir of the year author Danny Wallace endeavoured to say “yes” to absolutely everything, so as never to miss out on any opportunities that came his way.
This soon becomes troublesome and Danny finds himself in certain situations he never thought likely; from joining a group of avid conspiracy theorists, to ending up with a druggie South African in Amsterdam after narrowly avoiding a big, fat scam.

When I say this book is funny, I mean it’s so funny that I was in tears before the end of the introduction. His incredible misadventure is so entertaining it made me want to have misadventures of my own, and its message is so awesome I want to take this book and physically force everyone I come across to read it.

At its heart, Yes Man tells us that we have grown accustomed to “life” getting in the way of Life. We hold ourselves back, we make excuses, we distract ourselves with the dull and comfortable. But what we never seem to realise is that opportunities abound- all we have to do is seize them.

It’s a simple, brilliant thought with absolutely ridiculous consequences and I am so glad that I have read all about it (although I am a few years late to this party).

Danny Wallace’s story has everything you could possibly desire; Adventure, romance, mystery, comedy, suspense- you name it!
As much as I understand that some books just aren’t suited to certain readers, I can’t think of any reason for you avoid this book. Give it a chance. Trust me. It will be well worth it.

Now, the hard part.

Yes Man has no shortcomings. It just does not. It is a perfect book. But, for reasons I can’t quite figure out, I can’t give it a perfect score. That would put it in the same league as my all time loves; the books that cling to my soul. I love Yes Man and it is most certainly a new favourite, but I am very stingy with my perfect scores, and alas, I cannot designate one here.

For this reason I rate it 4.9/5.
So close. Closer than most will ever come.

This is a great read. It will uplift, inspire, and warm your soul. If you haven’t read it, do so. If you have read it, do so again.

Before I end off, I just want to say one thing. Immediately after reading Yes Man, I decided to watch Yes Man for the first time.

What a piece of shit movie. It insults everything the book stands for. Hollywood destroyed the story in recreating it, and it’s one of the most disappointing films I have ever seen. It lacks all the charm of the book and, even worse, violates the message of it by turning it into a cheap, generic love story that actually has no meaning at all.

Do NOT watch it. Save yourself the agony.

But who cares about the movie? I watched it and it was 2 or so hours I will never get back. But the book… Aah, the book is one I will read again.

It’s just that good!

If you have read Yes Man and still enjoy its adaptation, I am sorry but we cannot be friends. Say Yes to Yes Man, and have a super fantastic weekend! 🙂






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