Remember Me?

When I was a wee young thing, I was quite a nerd. I had near perfect grades and to this day I keep a folder that contains all the wonderful certificates that prove my academic (and athletic) achievements. My peers tried to bully me back then, probably because they were jealous of my awesomeness, but it didn’t work. I wasn’t afraid of them and even more so, the glory of being a top achiever was worth the torment of being an outsider.

To my young brain, there was no better representation of said glory, than seeing my name on numerous plaques, immortalized as the best at whatever I tried (except maths, in which I was listed as second best).

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10 Steps to Self-Publishing

Today I truly stopped giving a fuck about what every other writer on Earth is doing to make money from their self-published works. All that has ever bought me is anxiety and suffering because this industry is rough and I just don’t have the resources to compete.

So, friends, I am going to run my own race now. Wait, I am too lazy to run races. I am going to slowly march to the beat of my very own hand-crafted drum. The outside world no longer concerns me. I’m going to do things MY way.

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A Brief Introduction to Awesomeness

This is approximately the 15 bilionth time I have tried to manage a blog.

In the past I had all the motivation in the world, but no discipline, no resources and no willpower. I was the sort of person who had a new, fantastic idea every second day. I would set up the blogs, pages, links and channels and then… I’d fail.

It is actually spectacular just how many times I failed, and yet never learned my lesson.

This time, however, at least one thing is different. I invested in my very own domain name. I paid for this blog. You can bet your souls I am dedicated to it!

So, it might not be very original, but I’ll kick this off by telling you about me.

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