The Fifth Warrior

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With the first humans came magic, and with magic came the Elemental Warriors.

The Warriors are the only magicians who can manipulate Earth’s four sacred elements. They are also the only magicians known to man with more than one magical ability.
They have existed long enough for the world to declare them the most powerful magicians of them all.
Almost everyone worships them because of this.

The Earth Warrior, known as the strongest of the four, has control over every form of natural earth. He can also teleport and communicate with animals.
The Air Warrior is the master of everything from fierce tornadoes to a baby’s first breath. It is only natural he can fly and run at supersonic speeds.
The Water Warrior can create and control water in all three of its phases. He can heal almost all physical afflictions and has the occasional psychic vision.
Last, but not least, is the Fire Warrior. He is the most destructive, is telekinetic and has superhuman strength.

The Warriors are nothing less than incredible.

It matters not whether people love or hate them. No human can deny their prowess- not even those who hold the Warriors in the lowest regard. Humanity depends on them for safety and society’s general well-being. Although some people will never admit to it, the world is a much better, safer place when the Warriors reign.

In their long history, the Elemental Warriors have fought (and won) too many wars to mention. Due to their countless victories, they now live as the poster boys of global peace and equality. They are also responsible for the survival of magic.

Many young magicians have forgotten the struggle; that there was a time when magic was punishable by death, or when magicians were sent to mental institutions to rot.  Although the Warriors are all-powerful heroes, they once had to fight for freedom.

The world needs them.
They are the greatest defence humans have.

When terror reigns and destruction looms, the Warriors are sure to come to humanity’s rescue. They defend the innocent. They defeat the enemy.

Everyone feels safe when the Elemental Warriors live. Yet, regardless of their power they are mere mortals. No amount of fire, wind, water or earth can save them from death.

The first Warriors, well aware of this, devised a plan to never let Earth fall into the hands of evil and destruction for too long.

They began a cycle of reincarnation.

It is now common knowledge that once the Warriors die they return to Earth in new bodies. This way, they can continue living out their duties as the Warriors, and the planet never has to worry about losing them.

The reincarnation intrigues people most about the Warriors. One can study their abilities, explain them away with science. But their resistance to crossing over remains a total mystery.

Everyone wants to know how they reincarnate, but, like many aspects of the Warriors’ lives, how the cycle started is a question no one knows the answer to. Still, it doesn’t matter how they manage to achieve it. All that matters is that they do.

The cycle never ends. It repeats itself in perfection.

Regardless of when or how they die, they are reborn within months of each other. They never reincarnate within the same culture or country as each other, and no matter what, they never, ever, for unexplained reasons, live as women.

Some think that the Warriors are sexist. Others believe a higher power has forbidden it. A fair few think that the Warriors have nothing to do with it and that the four of them are just meant to be male. The majority have faith that the soul has a gender too and that no amount of reincarnation will ever change it.

The Warriors have had many faces and many names. They have many stories, many enemies, and have lived many lifetimes, defending Earth over and over again.

The four are equal in life and equal in death, bound to each other with one purpose; to protect Earth as best they can.


Damien’s telekinesis isn’t a miracle, nor was it discovered by accident. She wields her power as a baby, oblivious to the fact that she is born a magician, unconcerned that she is special, and completely unaware that she is alive.

Her power, as exciting as it is, does not surprise her parents. Magicians make up forty- seven percent of the world’s population. Some of them have immense power, others are simply talented.

Damien’s parents have no magical ability, but her brother, Robbie, creates impenetrable force fields around anyone or anything he chooses. Damien does not see Robbie as adopted. He arrived when they were both too young to understand that they are not related by blood.

They grow up as twins will: Inseparable. Brother and sister and nothing less.
They are an odd pair, somewhat mismatched, if you will.

Damien is ordinary with light brown skin, dark hair and dark eyes. Robbie, her opposite, is “too” everything; too tall, too pale, too skinny. People think his hair is too black, his eyes are too grey, and that he is too unapproachable. He is also too smart, too powerful, too loyal to Damien and too quiet.

Regardless of their differences, they work well together.

He calms her fiery soul while she livens him up. Damien is a daydreamer. Robbie is down to Earth.
They are like night and day.

Of course they bicker like any siblings will, but, they also make a strong habit of showing (and telling) each other just how much they care.

Although they love each other more than life itself, they have one irreconcilable difference.

The Elemental Warriors enchant the fibres of Damien’s soul, but Robbie despises them. Their opinions on the subject have been at war ever since they were both 4 years old.

It is never unusual for little children to admire heroes, but what begins as a childhood fascination for Damien develops into something no one can control in her teens.
Her interest in the Warriors is not a phase that will soon fade. It is nothing short of an unhealthy obsession.

Damien tries countless times to explain it, but nobody around her understands.

There are many reasons why she loves the Warriors, but some resonate in her heart more than others.

Like most people, she loves them because they are Earth’s greatest heroes. She adores them because they are powerful, and, because in the cruel, violent world that she lives in, they offer her a sense of comfort and security.

She loves them because they allow her to dream.

She favours the Fire Warrior because she is telekinetic just like him. She loves all of the Warriors, but just because there is common ground, she idolizes him the most.

The reason why she is so obsessed with them is one she herself does not completely understand; the Fire Warrior’s many faces all look familiar to her, as if he is a relative or an old friend. It’s as though she has known him for years much longer than the ones she has lived.

She feels one with the Warriors. She has a strange sense of longing when she (constantly) thinks about them.

She feels somehow incomplete without them.

They give her an incessant, gnawing emptiness that she cannot fill, no matter how hard she tries.

It worries the people she expresses it to.

Even Robbie tells her countless times that there is something wrong with her. He says it to tease her, but sometimes she senses that he means it.

Regardless, she shows no signs of being unstable.

She has a healthy social life, a normal family and her schooling does not suffer at all (except for mathematics, which she is terrible at). Her only problem is that whatever she does, she does it with the Warriors in mind.

If she isn’t drawing pictures of the Warriors, she is reading about them. If she isn’t reading about them, she is searching for them.
If she isn’t searching for them, she is talking about them.
If it appears as if she isn’t doing anything concerning the Warriors, nine times out of ten she is thinking about them.

Her passion for the Warriors is the only thing about her that remains consistent. Even though she has grown from a sweet little child into a monstrous teenager; even though her taste in music, film and boys changes every blue moon; even though she is not the same person she was yesterday or the day before; since the day her father told her about the Warriors twelve years ago, her soul has longed for them, and that longing has never ceased.

People think she is a fanatic, the sort who would froth at the mouth and break down into screaming tears should she ever meet them, but that is not the case.

She is asleep. Out of place. The ghost of someone she doesn’t know well at all. If she does ever meet them, she’ll find her way home. She will wake up. She will come to life.

The people around her, exhausted by her fixation with the Warriors, do not think much of her.

Damien is notorious in Black Decker, the dirty little town in Johannesburg that she is born and raised in. She is a trouble maker, a vandal. She has a gutter mouth, a short temper and an attitude problem it seems. She is a weirdo, as they like to call her. The sort of youngling that one should avoid at all costs because you cannot trust her.

Her neighbours still haven’t forgiven her for the time she telekinetically pushed their dumpling daughter into a polluted lake because the girl had the nerve to say that ‘the Warriors aren’t that special’.

Mr. Wallace, the old grouch around the corner, wants nothing more than to smack Damien upside the head with his cane, because every time she passes his house, she steals fruit from his trees- her damn magic damaging his life’s work.

And let’s not get started on the Gallaghers, her main rivals in town. The brats there insist on throwing stones at Damien every time she passes, because they think that she is a dork. They never learn their lesson, and always find themselves stuck on rooftops, trapped in the highest trees, or locked in the smelliest public toilets Damien can find.

Few people in Black Decker like her, but quite frankly, she does not give a damn.

Of all the people that she knows, only Robbie, her parents and her two best (and only) friends, Johnny and Katlego, know how to live with her.

Katlego, Damien’s partner in crime, has the ability to walk up and across any solid structure she chooses. Johnny has the ability to create ice. He cannot control the ice, or change its form. He can’t even get it to vanish once he creates it, but, Damien likes him just because he can create ice, which in her opinion is demi- elemental.

Damien and her friends, although they have not known each other for that long a time, are as close as can be. They always back each other up; always look out for each other. She loves them with her whole heart, and could not imagine life without them.

Still, she cannot ignore the feeling that something is missing.

She is mischievous, yes, but she is good-natured.
She is a powerful dreamer, but it makes her reckless.
She is free to be reckless, because life is good and she has nothing to worry about.

She spends all her time waiting for the new set of Elemental Warriors to come forth. She never, ever considers giving up on her dreams of finding them.

Magician or not, trouble maker or not, incomplete or not, she is happy and fearless.

Until the Syrolai come along and change everything.

Damien Day

The somewhat irritating jingle of South Africa’s morning news show sounds through the living room.
In a rush, Damien sits down in front of the TV- just in time to catch the familiar face of her father on screen.

“Good Morning, South Africa,” he says in his usual cheery voice. His thick eyebrows, lazy eyes and gelled, black hair have become the face of South African mornings. He loves his job, and everyone can see it. It fills Damien with pride.

“It is Monday the fifteenth of January, two thousand and seven. You’re watching The Morning Messenger, I’m Kurt Day.”

Damien can’t help but smile. Kurt’s greeting hasn’t changed since his first broadcast ten years ago.

“Today is an important day for children in Gauteng, as it is the start of the new academic year. While this would typically be a good day for parents, there is much concern for the safety of South Africa’s youth. Johannesburg and Pretoria are the first cities in the country to re-open their schools, following the string of deadly terrorist attacks last year, in which over two-hundred thousand young magicians were killed.”

The camera allows the view of the old, dark-skinned man seated beside Kurt. Damien recognizes him, as do most South Africans.

“With me in studio this morning is Frances Nygard, Johannesburg’s Head of Department of Magical Safety. Welcome Frances.” Kurt nods, extending his hand in greeting.

“Pleasure as always, Kurt.” Nygard returns the gesture. His gentle smile seems out of place on the face of a scarred soldier.

“We are going to discuss the protocol for today, and for the rest of what we hope will be a good year. But first, let’s recap the tragic events of November last year. Please be advised, the following footage contains scenes of graphic violence and is not suitable for sensitive viewers.”

Nygard nods before the bulletin begins. Although Damien has seen the footage countless times in the last 2 months, she is still not prepared for the debauchery that assaults her eyes.

Images of people in agony, covered in blood, crying bloody murder before remains of burned out buildings and faceless corpses flash on screen. She looks away. She has never had a strong stomach. She focuses on tying her shoelaces instead, while listening to the sleepy voiceover.

“The terrorist attacks of November thirteenth two thousand and six, have been declared an act of genocide against the global magical community.

“The attacks began in Cape Town, with the bombing of Sir Ramsay’s School for Magic at twelve- thirty p.m. Shortly after, news broke out that several schools across the country suffered the same fate. Leading magical facilities all over the world, including London’s St. Clara’s Academic Hospital, the elite High Arts High School of Los Angeles and Tokyo’s National University of Practical Magic, were destroyed in the attacks.

“The Syrolai, an organization previously known as rebels in the second magician’s war, and currently manufacturers of underground weapons, have taken responsibility for the attacks, releasing a statement in which they proclaim magic unnatural and a tool that magicians use to oppress those without power.

“The Syrolai have since sent out a follow- up statement claiming that the events of November thirteenth were merely a warning, and that for the time being, they will cease all attacks.”

“Yeah, right,” Damien mutters, her attention still on her shoes.

“Government officials around the world believe the Syrolai are targeting magicians in the hopes that the Elemental Warriors will be revealed, but, there are no leads on the Warriors, and their current incarnations, and locations, remain unknown.

“Security at numerous magical facilities has dramatically increased, but today, many students in Gauteng still have fears that the Syrolai will strike again.”

Kurt returns on screen with a heavy sigh. “It’s still unbelievable to me that these people- the Syrolai- managed to orchestrate something so catastrophic.”

His guest agrees, but does not say a word.

“Frances, everyone is asking the question, is it safe to open Gauteng’s schools today? How can we be so sure that the Syrolai will not use it as an opportunity to attack again? I mean, people are worried that South Africa remains a target because this is where those brutal attacks began.”

Frances shifts in his seat, clearing his throat. “Kurt, honestly, there’s no guarantee that the Syrolai won’t strike today, but I can assure you that the Department of Magical Safety has been working tirelessly since the attacks to ensure the safety of our magicians.

“Every school in Gauteng has had their security restructured, and we’ve got the defence force on standby.”

“Will that be enough?”

“I believe so, yes. The Syrolai started out as manufacturers of advanced weapons technology. Although we hate to admit it, they are smart people, and it would not serve them well to attack cities that are prepared for them.”

“Do you believe that they will hold their fire, and if so, why would they do that?”

“Well, I think the Syrolai will not go through with any more attacks. I think that they really are after the Elemental Warriors, and that the attacks of November thirteenth were a terrible and tragic ploy to try to get the Warriors to come forth.”

“Why the Warriors though? No one has seen them, or heard anything about them since the last Air Warrior, Jean- Betin Abel, passed on in 1988. So, Why now?”

“You know Kurt,” Frances rubs his chin and leans back in his seat. “Everyone knows the history of the Warriors. They have had many enemies in their long reign. The Warriors are Earth’s strongest magicians. It’s completely natural that there will be organizations who try to take them down. The problem isn’t their power though, Kurt. It’s the fact that they reincarnate.”

Kurt’s eyes light up. “Some are saying there’s no point in trying to kill the Warriors because they’ll just come back again. We all know this is true, so why would the Syrolai go through all this bloodshed to get to them?”

“I, and many others, believe that the Syrolai are not looking to just kill the Warriors. I think they are trying to destroy them. With the Warriors reincarnating again and again, there will always be magic on Earth. But, with the Warriors out of the way, magicians, in fact, humanity, will not stand a chance. It’s the Warriors’ job to protect us from people like the Syrolai.”

“But, why now?”

“Since Jean- Betin, as you said, if they have reincarnated already, and based on their history, they surely have, the Warriors would be too young to have reached their full potential. Right now they probably aren’t as big a threat to the Syrolai as they would be if they master their elements.”

Kurt agrees. He takes a deep breath. “Do you think the Warriors will come, or will they wait until they’re at full power, like every time before?”

“The Warriors rarely stray from their traditions, but I think that this is a special case. It could go either way. “

“We’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Exactly, Kurt.”

Kurt faces the camera, giving viewers a close up of his face.

“I will continue this discussion with Frances Nygard, Head of Johannesburg’s Department of Magical Safety, about the impact of November thirteenth, but first, let’s take a look at the weather for today.”

Damien switches the TV off, sending its remote floating to its place beside it. She resents the fact that school has reopened. She resents the fact that it closed due to terrorist attacks.

Before the Syrolai destroyed her optimistic impression of the world, genocide, war and suffering felt worlds away. She lived her life without a care in the universe and she was perfectly happy. Now, the attacks hit far too close to home, and it terrifies her. She never thought that it would happen, but it did. Even though she was safe in all the chaos, it hurt then, and it still hurts now.

She would give anything to crawl into bed and not emerge until the Warriors come to save the day, but she cannot. She pretends to be brave and reasonable, but she is dying inside.

Every day, fear drains some more of her happiness away. She carries with her, a sick, sad, uneasy feeling that her days on Earth are numbered. She never thought she would feel incomplete and depressed, but she can’t deny that she is.

Still, she has sworn to herself that she will never confide in anyone, lest she lose hope that the Warriors will come. She will keep believing, until her last breath.

The smell of delicious coffee rouses her from her troubles. She follows the aroma, deep in thought, as usual, of the Warriors.

“Good morning!” her mother, Judy, says, handing Damien a big bowl of steaming oats and a cup of black coffee.

Damien accepts them without thanks. “Why are you so cheery?” A bottle of milk and a sugar pot follow her to the table in a steady telekinetic flow.

Robbie is already seated. His uniform is perfect as expected.

“I’m cheery because it’s been a long holiday for you two, and I can finally have some peace and quiet.” Judy speaks, almost sings, as she goes about her business- packing lunch and fruit for her children, and tidying up the mess from making breakfast.

“Magicians are being slaughtered in the masses, and you’re happy that we’re going outside?” Damien snorts before shoving a large spoonful of oats into her mouth, spilling milk on her jersey. She licks it off, to Robbie’s disgust.

“Sweetie, don’t be such a drama queen. You will be just fine.”

“Says who?”

“Says the government. Says the Syrolai. Says me.”

“You believe the Syrolai? No. Even worse. You actually trust the government?”

“At least she doesn’t put her faith in people who don’t exist,” Robbie mumbles.

“Don’t exist? What planet do you live on?”

“A planet where evil people attack innocents and the very Warriors who live to protect us have done nothing about it.”

“How do you know they haven’t done anything? They could be out there fighting the Syrolai right now!”

“Or they could be watching magicians die from the comfort of their own safety.”

“The Warriors, who are real thank you, are probably younger than I am right now,” she says with a mouthful of oats. “Warriors or not, no teenagers should have to face terrorists.”

“They’re supposed to protect us!”

“And they do!”

“Okay, enough!” Judy faces them, her hands on her hips. “See, this is what I mean. You two have been having this petty argument since the attacks. You’re both magicians. You should be on the same side. And Damien, for heaven’s sake, is it too much effort to brush your hair? It’s the first day of grade eleven. Looking good never killed anyone! What if you meet your soul mate at school today, hmm? You will look back at this moment and wish you listened to your dear oldie about dressing to impress!”

Her children don’t respond.

Damien does not enjoy arguing with Robbie, or her mother, but they just don’t understand her fierce passion for the Warriors.

“Is Katlego going to meet us here?” Robbie’s change of subject is welcome.

“Yeah,” Damien answers, licking more milk off her clothes. “She tried to get out of going to school today, but her aunt wasn’t happy with that. What is it with the adults in our lives? It’s like the Syrolai don’t exist to them.”

“Damien,” Judy says. “The more you think about the Syrolai, the more afraid of them you will become. You’re a strong magician with the defence forces on your side. If that’s not enough for you, you have Robbie. Not even the Syrolai can break his shields-”

“-force fields,” Robbie corrects her.

“-You will be fine. I know it’s difficult, but you’ve got to stop worrying, sweetie.”


“Oh, Damien, just drop it. Life goes on.” Robbie always sounds half-asleep. Regardless, his tone is stern.

His words carry cruelty in them, but they are true. Life goes on. Damien only hopes it will go on long enough for the Warriors to make their heroic return.

Damien and Robbie sit beside each other, waiting on their front porch. There is a quiet breeze about the air. The morning is bright. It’s almost surreal.

Robbie reads the newspaper, while Damien daydreams, or rather, has waking nightmares.

The first day of school is never fun for Damien, but this year it is just awful.

Chills crawl up her spine as she notices that where the first day was once a busy, exciting time, the laughter it had has now died. Every face that passes by their home is miserable. Some parents even hold the hands of their teenaged children on the way to school. Damien doesn’t blame them. They might as well be leading their children to their doom.

She wears her bravest face, but her usual fantasies are now disrupted by thoughts of the Syrolai hunting the Elemental Warriors.

Images of her school being the next one to get blown up creep into her mind. She tries to shake them with a shudder, but the negativity won’t leave her. The Syrolai have no mercy. She doubts the defence force will be able to stop them. Also, Black Decker is small and insignificant. If the Syrolai wanted to blast it to hell, no one would give a damn.

“I wonder what they’re fighting about this time,” Robbie says, as a red Honda Civic pulls into their driveway.

Relief washes over Damien like warm rain. The silence she and Robbie shared was uncomfortable.

Katlego  steps  out  of  the  car,  yells  something  in  Zulu  that neither  Damien nor Robbie understand, slams the car closed and walks away from it as fast as she can. Damien can see the blood boiling in Ms. Simelane’s face. She rolls down the window, shouts words that sound very much like curses, and speeds off before Katlego can retaliate.

“Good morning?” Robbie asks as she approaches them.

“No!” Katlego frowns. “How was your final weekend of freedom?”

“Boring.” It’s true. He and Damien spent the weekend indoors, doing nothing worth mentioning or remembering.

“Not as boring as mine was,” Katlego says as the short walk to school begins.

“Is this about that party you wanted us to go to?” Damien asks.  Over the weekend, Katlego bombarded her with messages feigning distress because once again, she was grounded.

“Yes. I’m still upset. Do you know how many cool kids were at that party?” she pouts. “My aunt said I can party when I start behaving, otherwise I stay at home.”

“What about your birthday?” Robbie asks. “She can’t deny you a Sweet Seventeen.”

“Ha! She can try and stop me. That is… if I even make it to my birthday.”

“What?” Damien says, shocked that Katlego the optimist would say such a thing.

“Oh come on, I’m not the only magician who’s afraid of the Syrolai.”

“Everyone’s afraid of the Syrolai,” Robbie comforts her. “It’s not just magicians.”

“Do you think they’ll attack?”


A moment of silence passes.

Damien sees Black Decker for what it is: a depressed, run down town in a troubled city. As she walks up its cracked and littered streets, she can’t help but appreciate it. It is her only home after all, and it always has been. She does not dare think of what it would feel like to lose it.

Katlego breaks the silence. “Who would have thought that going to school could be so… scary? Do you think the Warriors will come?”

Damien and Robbie answer at the same time, only Damien shouts a loyal “yes”, while Robbie mutters a grumpy “no”.

“Do you think the Warriors will come?” Damien asks, giving Robbie the evil eye.

“I don’t know…” she checks her cellphone as she speaks. “I hope they do, but it doesn’t seem fair to force them to fight for us.”

Robbie is quick to voice his opinion. “It doesn’t seem fair that countless magicians had to die to get their attention, which as I pointed out to Damien, we still don’t have.”

“Maybe they don’t know about the attacks? What if they died in the attacks and we have to wait another twenty years for them to return?”

Damien laughs. “The Warriors aren’t dead!”

She hopes they’re not. She really, really hopes they’re not.

“What if the Warriors arranged the attacks and they’re just blaming the Syrolai?” Katlego’s imagination is vivid, and has a tendency to run away with her.

The trio are crossing a street, when the appearance of the most attractive boy Damien has ever laid eyes on distracts her.

He is attractive in its truest sense. It’s magnetic. As if his soul has called out to hers. He looks so familiar, but Damien, quite sure she has never seen him before, does not dwell on it.

He is unusually tall and pretty pale, with long, sandy- brown hair. He wears the Black Decker High school uniform, but it’s obvious that he is new and out of place.

He seems uncomfortable and confused.

He turns his head, sees Damien and stops in his tracks.

Damien knows that she has come to a standstill and that Katlego and Robbie haven’t noticed and are walking on without her, but she does not care.

She is just fine, standing in the middle of the road admiring this fascinating boy, who just happens to be staring back.

Time slows down.

She is in a world where nothing exists except the two of them.

He is the most beautiful creature her soul has ever beheld.

It’s warm. She is at peace. She doesn’t think or feel. She just is.

She dances in his spirit, and the magic of it swallows her whole.

She has waited a long time to reunite with him. She cannot make sense of it. She knows everything about him.

He is perfect. He is hers.

A car hooter rings in her ears as the boy shouts a curse.

As though she has been shocked awake by ice- cold water, reality smacks her in the face. She realizes where she is standing just as the boy raises one of his hands in panic.

A car speeds towards her. She freezes, but the odd sensation of an invisible lasso wraps around her and sweeps her off her feet.

It’s a warm feeling. It works its way into her pulse and her gut.

She  zooms  towards  the  boy  and  finds  herself  in  his  arms, watching wide eyed as the car takes an awkward turn before skidding onto the pavement. It comes within inches of hitting a tree but the faint, shimmering light of Robbie’s force fields prevents a crash. In the seconds it took the chaos to occur, a crowd has formed around the action.

“Oh my God,” the boy, still holding her says. “Are you alright?”

“Yes.” She is shaking. She has to focus on catching her breath.

His embrace is cozy. He smells fresh.

Butterflies flutter about in the pit of her stomach.

“The state of Johannesburg’s roads is disgusting!” a nearby old lady from the rent- a- crowd shouts. “The threat of the Syrolai is bad enough, but now it seems you kids can’t even journey to school in peace. Are you sure you are okay, love?”

“Yes, honestly, I’m fine.”

The lady nods before walking over to the car, mumbling complaints about the municipality and the Syrolai.

Damien’s heart beats so fast she feels like she is about to collapse.

“Damien!” Robbie calls, stepping over to her. Noticing that she is snuggling a complete stranger, he gives her a foul look. He shakes his head, but says nothing about it. “Are you okay?”

Katlego hovers about the car, her cellphone pressed to her ear.

“Yes, I’m fine. There’s not even a scratch on me.” Damien pants, holding her hand to her chest. “I just got the living shit scared out of me, that’s all.”

“That was a really close call,” the boy says.

He is not South African, but Damien is too shocked to pick up where exactly he is from.

“What happened?” Robbie looks around. “Why were you standing in the middle of the road?”

“I was… distracted.” She looks up at the boy. He has a very hypnotic gaze.

“I’ve never seen you use your power on yourself. That was cool! It looked like you were flying!”

“I- I didn’t do anything.”

“Uh… Yeah…” the boy says. “That was me. I take it you’re telekinetic too then?”

Before she can answer him, the driver approaches her, fury in his eyes. “What is wrong with you?” He yells so loud his face contorts. He looks like a pissed off hybrid of a man and a Rottweiler.

“Excuse me?” she releases herself from the boy’s hold, stepping towards the driver. “You were the one driving like a bloody maniac!”

“Damien, calm down,” Robbie commands. He knows Damien’s temper all too well and tries his best to be the peacekeeper.

“Stay out of this!”

“Don’t talk to him like that! He just saved your goddamned life!”

“You could have killed us both, you stupid child!” Saliva sprays out of his mouth.

“Me? You weren’t looking where you were going!”

“Both of you, shut up!” Robbie shouts. “Be grateful you weren’t hurt for Christ’s sake!”

Damien holds her tongue as the driver storms back to his vehicle, climbs in and speeds off, giving Damien the finger as he passes her. She gives him two fingers in return.

Katlego skips towards them. “One of the girls in the car has whiplash. I was just about to call the paramedics to check up on her when that damn driver threatened to kill me. He’s driving without a license and doesn’t want the cops to come. At least no one’s hurt and nothing’s damaged, so I guess we don’t have to call anyone. Except maybe your mom.”

“No, don’t do that!”

Damien’s response is far more hostile than she intends.

“Why not?” Robbie says. “You know how nosy she is. She’ll want to know.”

“Just don’t!”

She feels bad, but she does not want to explain to her parents that she stopped in the middle of a semi- busy road because she couldn’t tear her eyes away from a sexy boy she thought she knew.

She doesn’t feel like lying about it either and decides that no one has to know.

Besides, with the Syrolai looming over everyone’s heads, calling home because she almost got hurt seems cruel.

Robbie, unappreciative of her defensive attitude, shrugs and walks off to school without another word.

The boy stands still. He seems dazed and disturbed.

“Who are you?” Katlego says to him, blunt as always.

“Oh,” he says. “I’m Matthew Taylor.”

His tone suggests he is not quite sure of his name. He stares at Damien the entire time. She is rubbing her head, watching Robbie stalk off to school.

“Are you sure you’re alright? You don’t look so good.”

“Yes, truly, I’m fine.” She sighs. “I’m just confused. Did you- Are you really telekinetic?”

“Yeah,” he smiles. Her insides melt.



“That’s Awesome!”

“I know!”

Katlego looks from one to the other. They don’t seem to be aware of her existence.

“Wait,” Damien says, looking up at him, thinking that he is beautiful. “Are you the Fire Warrior?”

Matthew laughs. “No!”

“It is odd,” Katlego adds, “that on the day people are worried about magical genocide, a young telekinetic man who is obviously not from here shows up.”

“I’m just a foreign exchange student.” He is charming.

“We should get moving,” Damien says, mustering all her strength to tear her eyes away from him.

The crowd has dispersed. The area is quiet again. A passer-by wouldn’t have any clue of the action that just took place.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cause all that,” he says, as they move onward to school.

“But, you didn’t! You saved my skin. You’re my hero!” She smiles at him. He blushes, smiling back at her. It’s the sweetest smile Damien’s eyes have ever seen.

“Nah, it was nothing.”

His face radiates arrogance so strong, Katlego suspects he knows that it wasn’t nothing, but just wants Damien to praise him more. She does just that.

“Nothing? Your reflexes are amazing! If you were a second too slow I think I would have been a goner. It was incredible! I mean, I froze. I was in the line of fire and I froze, but you… wow… you sure you’re not the Fire Warrior?”

Matthew laughs again. It’s music to Damien’s soul. “I’m not that powerful.”

“I never thought I’d meet another telekinetic person in my life. Well, excluding the Fire Warrior. I have to meet him. But with average magicians it’s not a common ability.”

“Tell me about it. It’s kinda strange how we’ve crossed paths.”

“It’s awesome! I’ve always been vain about the fact that I have common ground with a Warrior.”

“Same here!”

“If I may ask,” Katlego starts, raising her voice. “Where are you from?”

“California. I’m researching the effects of the attacks on global magic while I’m on the foreign exchange programme.”

“That’s super cool!” Damien claps her hands together. “Why did you choose South Africa of all God forsaken places?”

“Oh, I didn’t. I was assigned here.”

“That’s fascinating! I’ve always wanted to travel. Though, my main mission would be to find the Warriors.”

“You really like the Warriors, don’t you?”

“Um… yes. I’m sorry. I talk about them a lot.”

“No need to apologize, so do I.”

“Really?” She loves him already.

“Yeah. Who doesn’t love the Warriors?”

“My thoughts exactly! Though, my brother begs to differ.”

They turn a corner, into the street that their school is in.

“So, who are you staying with?” Katlego asks him.

“This other guy, Douglas, from the tenth grade. He left without me this morning, so I had to walk to school alone. That is, until you came along.” He gives Damien another heart-warming smile as they cross the road to the school. “What’s your name, by the way?”

“I’m Damien. Damien Day.” She is proud.

“Isn’t that a boy’s name?”

“Yeah. You’ll have to ask my parents why they named me that.”

“Well, pleased to meet you, Damien Day.”

They shake hands. His palms are soft.

“Likewise!” She has no desire to let go. By the manner in which he holds on tight, he must feel the same.

“I’m Katlego Simelane, not that anyone cares.”

Damien slowly releases Matthew’s hand, and walks through the school’s entrance, feeling somewhat special.

It is the heart of summer. The fresh, trimmed grass leading up to the school looks beautiful, its blades bright green in the morning sun. Flowers line the stone path to the doors, blooming in brilliance.

It’s all so pretty, so fancy, but the school’s appearance is deceptive. Most unknowing passers-by take it for a worthy establishment, but it is quite the opposite.

Black Decker High School is an average middle class school. Both magicians and nons are welcome, which causes rivalry and chaos. Its bad reputation for out of control students and less than wonderful pass rate precedes it, but Damien and Robbie have no choice but to attend. In Damien’s opinion, the school isn’t actually that bad, but, because she is a trouble maker, she enjoys the freedom.

They enter the building, passing two prefects on duty for uniform inspection. Damien loves harassing the prefects. She thinks they have no right to act superior and tell her what to do when most of them are secret stoners, two of them almost failed the previous year and one of them is pregnant.

“Tuck your shirt in, Damien,” one of the prefects, a boy, commands.

“Tuck your face in, fool,” she retorts, pushing past him.

“Come on, Damien. It’s the first day.”

“It’s never too early to start with you people.”

The prefect rolls his eyes then holds Matthew back. “Whoa, dude, your hair is way too long.”

“Uh… yeah, I’ve already spoken to the principal about it.”

“Where’s your letter then?”

“What letter?”

“If a teacher or staff member has excused any rule breaking, they give you a note to carry around-”

“Like a dork,” Damien interrupts. “Leave him alone, he’s new here.”

“I can’t let him through if he doesn’t have a note,” the prefect insists. It sounds more like a cry for help.

“Then I’ll let him through.” Damien raises her hand and repels the prefect out of the way.

“Damien!” he protests, “I’ve told you before that telekinetically shifting people without warning is neither fun, nor cool! It feels… weird.”

“That’s exactly why I do it to you, dumbass,” she leaves him at the mercy of the chuckling students around him.

They walk down a long, open corridor before turning onto the small patch of grass that Damien enjoys relaxing on in the mornings.

It’s situated between a corridor of offices and a corridor of classrooms. Damien and Katlego claimed the spot as their territory back in the ninth grade when they first met. They have spent every single morning before class right there.

Robbie and Johnny are already seated.

“Johnny, this is Matthew.” Damien motions between the two.

“Hi,” Matthew says, shaking hands with Johnny, who is smoking a cigarette. He is not at all concerned that the staff in the offices have full view of him. They never reprimand him.

Johnny has always been rebellious, but the attacks changed his attitude towards the world. He got his lip pierced in snakebites over the holidays, and his thick, African hair has grown into an afro. His school bag, which is falling apart from wear and tear, has phrases like Fuck the Syrolai and Magicians Matter graffitied all over it. He wears his uniform as a punk rocker would. Damien considers copying his style, but decides against it. It would require too much effort, and she is not sure she can pull it off as well as Johnny can.

“Johnny can create ice,” she explains to Matthew. “Isn’t that, like, the coolest thing ever? He has an elemental power, but he denies that it’s something special. C’mon Johnny, show the new kid what you can do.”

Johnny smiles, as though he was just waiting for an invitation to show off. He turns his head, facing the offices. He inhales, raises his left hand, and turns the corridor into an icy hazard with one sharp flick of his left wrist.

A secretary, who knows his ice all too well, yells at him from the distance.

“That’s impressive,” Matthew says, wide- eyed.

“Ha! It’s nothing.”

“Don’t be modest, it’s epic!”

Damien turns to Robbie, who aims his vacant stare at nothing in particular. “This is my brother, Robbie,” she says. “He creates force fields.”

“Hi, again,” Matthew raises his hand in an awkward wave. “So, it was you that stopped that car from crashing, right?”

Robbie nods. The group, expecting him to say more, suffer a painful, crushing silence. He doesn’t give a damn. His lips stay sealed.

“Johnny, my man,” Damien says, directing her attention away from her brother, “How have you been?”

“Alright. I was drunk the whole weekend. Made me forget about the genocide for a while. It sucks balls to be back here, but, ah, whatever.”

“You know,” Katlego says. “I begged my aunt to let me go to Danny’s party and she didn’t budge. I even offered to clean the whole house, but she still said no.”

“So what?” Damien says. “All the people we hate would have been there.”

“The point is, they are going to think we are even bigger losers than before.”

“Who thinks I’m a loser?” Damien is offended. She doesn’t even try to hide it. She raises her eyebrows and purses her lips.

“Uh… everyone who’s ever heard you talk about the Warriors.”

“So everyone on planet Earth then?” Johnny adds with a laugh.

“Gee, thanks, you guys. I think this year I’m going to find new friends.”

“Please,” Johnny says. “You stalked me until I started hanging out with you. Like you’re ever gonna walk away from the cryokinetic boy.”

Damien can’t argue. No one in the school is as cool as Johnny is. Literally.

“But, seriously, Damien,” Katlego complains. “I’m almost seventeen years old and she still treats me like a baby!”

“Well, you do tend to disobey her.” Damien admires her ridiculous friend. She does not want to think about what she’d do should she lose her.

“You try living with her. She’s a nightmare!”

“She can’t be that bad.”

“She is! I feel like I live in jail- or in a military boot camp. She’s relentless!”

“Sure, princess.”

“I am not a princess!” Katlego denies it, even though she knows deep down inside that she is, indeed, a spoiled brat.

“You sure do act like one. Like in the movies. Oh the pain of not being able to do what you want, when you want.”

 “I love movies!” Matthew says, with so much enthusiasm it surprises everyone. “I’ve always wanted to become an actor.”

“An actor? That’s interesting. I’m actually considering going into film myself, but not on screen. I’d get a job in magical effects. I always see ads looking for magicians to supply their power. Sometimes they look for telekinetic people, and because it’s such a rare ability the pay is insane.”

“Can you imagine the price they’d put on my power?” Johnny smiles, eyebrows raised.

“We could totally offer up our gifts to a movie about the Warriors!”

“Then we can roll in the cash!”

“Hey,” Matthew interrupts their laughter. “If I may ask, if the two of you have such rare abilities, what are you doing in a school like this? I mean no offence, but, wouldn’t the Academy of Magic suit you better?”

Damien almost chokes. “The Academy? Are you kidding me?”

“No, I’m being serious.”

“Bah!” Johnny cries. “A year at that school costs more money than I’ll ever see in my life.”

“Yeah, but you could get in on scholarship.”

“Not with our student records.” Damien laughs, as if it is something to be proud of. “What about you, then?”

Matthew’s cheeks burn. He scratches his nose, “Well, I’m sort of a student there. At least, I was.”

Damien, Johnny and Katlego all look at Matthew in wonder. Robbie remains unfazed.

“You come from the Academy?” Damien is awestruck.


“That’s amazing! I’ve always dreamed of going there!”

She has no interest in academic magic. She only cares for the school because the Warriors of 1000 years before built it. The school is brutal and elite, and only accepts students with rare, potentially dangerous or immensely powerful abilities. The magicians it produces are the best of their age. Once a magician graduates from it, they are set for life.

The school is also rumoured to be the home of the Warriors. Students who attend are sworn to secrecy regarding its personnel and location, though most people believe it to be at the North Pole. It is a mysterious place.

“So you must be farking rich then,” Johnny says.

Matthew laughs. “No! I don’t have a cent to my name. I got in on scholarship.”

“Then you must be super powerful?”

“Nah.” He shrugs. “It’s just ‘cause telekinesis is rare.”

“I’d never get into that school,” Katlego sighs. “All I can do is walk on stuff.”

“That’s pretty cool,” Matthew says. “I can imagine how that would come in handy.”

“Ah, yes, but Damien, Johnny and Robbie all have serious power. Mine is just silly. Sometimes I wish I could…”

Whatever words Katlego says, Damien does not hear.

She meets Matthew’s gaze. His eyes are a light shade of green. They draw her in, and take her to a place where nothing but their mysterious bond exists. She cannot make sense of the feeling. It intrigues her, and frightens her.

Katlego pinches her, hard, on her thigh.

“Ouch! Huh? What did you say?” She rubs her eyes, uncomfortable now that she is back in the waking world and not dreaming in Matthew’s eyes.

“Nothing important,” Katlego mumbles as the bell, which sounds more like a siren, rings across the school.

They stand up, grabbing their school bags as a unit.

“I have to meet with the principal,” Matthew says.

Damien doesn’t want to watch him go, but she has to. She tries to play it cool. “Well, I guess I’ll see you around?”

“Yeah, definitely.”

They turn their backs on each other, ready to go their separate ways.

Damien finds it difficult to walk away. She can sense that he too has not moved. She turns to face him, just as he turns to face her.

“Thanks again, for saving me earlier.”

“No sweat.” He looks at his shoes, then back up at her.

“If you haven’t made any other friends yet, you’re more than welcome to hang out with us.”

“Thanks, I’d appreciate that. See you later, then?”

The pathetic, smitten smile she gives him is embarrassing. She turns around and runs off to catch up with Katlego, eager to share her new story.

As Damien and her friends line up on the quad where they will be assigned to their classes, Damien goes over the events of the morning with an obnoxious smile. Her soul is calm, and happy.

Robbie and Katlego speak to Rajesh, a fellow eleventh grader. He knows everything about everything. Apart from his above average intelligence, he has no magical abilities. Everyone likes him though. He explains things better than the teachers do and is always willing to help.

Damien spots Matthew across the quad, deep in conversation with Mr. Reinaard, the principal. As she admires him from the distance, she feels things she can’t wrap her head around. She is enticed and intrigued. Nostalgic. Vulnerable. She feels wonderful and afraid. She is comforted by his presence.

He is so familiar.

She has only known him for thirty minutes, yet she is sure of the connection they share. She cannot explain it or justify it, but she knows that he is important to her.

“Keep your pants on, Damien!” Johnny teases, resting his back on the wall beside her.

She playfully elbows him, watching as Matthew disappears into a crowd of hurried students.

“The Academy of Magic,” Johnny says. “I don’t care what excuses he has, he must be super powerful.”

“He is. I felt it when he saved me this morning.”

“Oh, ja! Robbie told me all about that.” Johnny tries to suppress a laugh, but doesn’t do a good job of it.

“It’s just so strange to have actually met another telekinetic person. I mean, what are the odds?”

“Ah, I feel you. The day I find a friend who can create ice…”

Johnny sighs for his daydreams, Damien sighs for her heart.

The two aren’t the kind of friends who can talk for hours about nonsense, or share their deepest, darkest desires with each other, but they understand one another.

Johnny is the Water Warrior’s biggest fan. He is also alone in his power. Although cryokinesis is not unheard of, he has never met anyone who can teach him to wield his magic to its full extent. He learns to control his ability on his own, with the help of the odd forum on the internet.

His ice creations are spectacular. Damien thinks he’d be able to freeze the entire school if he so desired, but his form is sloppy and something in his spirit blocks him from progressing to the next level. He has a special place in Damien’s heart because of this.

And Johnny has seen how people treat Damien. He has seen the loneliness in her eyes, and is most likely the only person who believes her when she says her soul is incomplete. He knows just how special it is for Damien to have met someone with her ability.

He understands why she is so desperate for Matthew’s attention.

Johnny knows that he and Damien feel the same way about the attacks- hopeless and afraid. It affects them more than Katlego or Robbie will ever understand. They have an unspoken understanding of fear that they can only express in each other’s company. They are both glad for it.

“Oh, I almost forgot, I stole this from my sister,” Johnny says, unzipping his school bag and retrieving a magazine from its depths. “Page 33. There’s an entire spread on the Warriors. I thought you might like it.”

The magazine- Women of Power- has a sexy young woman with guns for hands on the cover. In the corner, in bold letters, there is the caption WHERE ARE THE WARRIORS? An Investigation into the Syrolai attacks and where Earth’s Heroes are hiding.

“Oh my, thanks Johnny!”

“Pleasure, D-Day.”

Damien is just about to flip through its pages when a short, chubby woman, Mrs. Beyers, walks by. “Damien, put that away. We’re going to start now.”

Johnny rolls his eyes, mocking Beyers as she walks away.

The eleventh grade teachers stand before the students, welcome them back, and proceed to call students out, one by one.

Damien joins the first class that is called, 11A. Her only friend to join her is Johnny.

Their teacher, Mrs. Williams, a middle aged non, leads them to their class on the opposite side of the school.

Damien hopes to catch a glimpse of Matthew on her way, but, unfortunately, has no such luck.

By Milla Rothfuss- King

 Where were you the day the Syrolai attacked? Milla Rothfuss- King is on a mission to discover where the Warriors are, and why they have done nothing to help the countless young magicians that are living in fear.

 November 13th 2006 is a day that is now imprinted in our memories forever. Ask anyone what they were doing when they heard of the attacks. Chances are they’ll remember every detail.

I, for one, was on the M27 highway, stuck in early afternoon traffic. The radio was on, and I was doing a bit of a dance behind the wheel. The song that was playing? Terry Hangar’s You Need to Stop.

Just before the chorus kicked in, breaking news interrupted it. The frantic voices of the two DJs that day- Rob Tolk and Mona Blue- told me that the country was under attack. I convinced myself that it was a sick joke.

Everyone knows Tolk for his tasteless pranks- his ceaseless sense of humour. But then Blue spoke, and I knew it was serious; that in the span of one simple song, the world had changed.

She reported that bombs had destroyed seven magical schools; two in Cape Town, two in Johannesburg, one in Pretoria, one in Port Elizabeth and one in Durban. As they described the attacks, they received even worse news.

“There’s been another attack,” said Blue.

“What? Are you serious? Where?” said the news guy, Jeff.


After that they cut back to the music, as if nothing had happened. And just like that, I lived in a world that was not safe.

My sister, Clara, although her school still stands unscathed, lost her boyfriend that day.

He attended Stoneville High, a school that no longer exists. Reports say he was in detention when the bombs went off. It seems we live in a world where getting caught smoking on the premises is punishable by death.

That day, I was doing nothing at all. I was just existing- irritated by the traffic. The magicians that died might’ve been doing nothing too. Perhaps they were counting down the minutes until they could go home. None of them knew that they would die in the name of the Elemental Warriors- the true targets of the attacks. Which leads to me my question: What were the Warriors doing then? Were they also just existing? Or were they hiding away, allowing innocents to take the fall for them? No one can say for sure. There are many theories on their whereabouts, but there is a more pressing question we have to ask;

Why haven’t they shown themselves, or rushed to our defence?


 Yes, there are countless theories about the Warriors and why no one knows where they are. From government cover- ups, to the end of the reincarnation cycle, many a conspiracy has arisen in the wake of the attacks. Most of them are unfounded, but some might have truth to them.

First, to understand why their absence is unacceptable and cause for concern, we must look at their history. While they are strict with their traditions, there have been a few instances in which they broke away from protocol to aid humanity.

In 1717, an organization called the Society of Nons planned numerous attacks on young magician girls. Under the impression that the magic gene was passed down from a mother to her children, and that witches deserved to be burned at the stake, the Warriors, under-aged, had to step in. Those warriors- Joseph (water), Mar (earth), Linus (air) and Noel (Fire) we only 16 when they were called to war. They did so gladly.

The battle raged for two years, almost three, before the Warriors tasted victory.

Not too long before that, in 1491, again the Warriors were called in to work early. This time they were only 14, and had to stop a chain reaction of massive natural disasters from killing off the entire human population. They succeeded.

Preceding that, in 1204, although many details have been lost in time, it is said that the Warriors, forced to fight a battle against multiple armies attempting to wipe out the magical population, fought those battles at the age of 17.

Although it is tradition for the Warriors to reveal themselves when they turn 21, they have, in special circumstances, done so sooner. But what qualifies as special circumstances?

Angela Hawkins, researcher at the Magical University of Sydney’s history department, states that “the Warriors reveal themselves under one of two circumstances- either they are of age, and ready for the world, or it is a state of emergency. These attacks are without a doubt the biggest emergency of our time, but there are a number of possibilities that could explain their absence.

“For one, they are just too young. Although the reincarnation cycle has a pattern, we are still hopelessly ignorant of how it works. Based on the death of Jean- Betin Abel, the oldest the Warriors can be now is 19 years old- but that is only if they returned to us the same year that Jean- Betin died, which is unlikely. It could be that they are still children, not nearly powerful enough to take on an organization this large, this advanced, and this cruel.”

Another theory that Angela has is one that most will not like at all; that the Warriors simply don’t exist.

“Yes, it is possible that they are no longer with us. Given the death of former Fire Warrior, Logan Masters, it could be that the cycle has broken. No Warrior committed suicide before him, so it could be that his tragic death somehow destroyed the Warriors. Maybe he, if not all four of them, just never returned to Earth. It is a terrifying thought, but a possible explanation.”

But no one wants to live in a world in which the Warriors don’t exist. Especially in times like these, when we need them more than ever. What other possibilities are there? I had a chat with Tad Holmes, popular conspiracy theorist and self- made star.

While he says he “could bore you to death talking about this”, he has broken it down into 5 common theories and explains the mystery surrounding each of them. None of these theories are pleasant, but they are the most realistic.

 The Warriors Are Dead

 The Warriors could have been killed in the attacks. Since no one knows who or where they are, it is all too possible that the Warriors attended one of the schools that were bombed. The reason why they have not come to our rescue is because they too, were victims of the bloodshed.

 The Government Keeps Them Quiet

 A government cover up wouldn’t surprise us at all, not with all the scandals they have. Many people are asking the question of why the government allowed the attacks to happen. They have people that are supposed to prevent this. One attack- okay, fine, maybe it went under their radars, but global attacks? There is no way they didn’t see it coming. And what about the psychics? Surely one of them, at the very least, predicted these events, but no one tried to stop them. Either the government is in on it, or they allowed it to happen as a cover up for something much more sinister.

 They Don’t Know

 The reason why the Warriors haven’t said or done anything about it could be because they have no idea of what is happening. They are so well kept from the world, its logical to assume that it goes both ways. While this theory has many crazy sub-theories, such as the Warriors train on mars, or live at the bottom of the sea- the truth remains that we are cut off from them. Maybe they are cut off from us too, and honestly don’t know that we need them. Could it be that no one has told them about the attacks for their own protection?

 This Means War

 This theory is one of the more reasonable ones. It states that the Warriors are fighting the Syrolai, but for their own safety, they are doing so discreetly. The Syrolai have made it very clear that they are after the Warriors. Should the Warriors announce who they are, the Syrolai could declare war on them- and therefore the world.

They Just Aren’t Ready Yet

 This is most likely the case. The Warriors are young. The world has never seen an attack this savage before. The Syrolai have access to technology we can only dream of, and maybe the Warriors know that if they stepped forth now, they would be obliterated.

I can’t say where the Warriors are or what they are doing to help us. I can’t say whether they are dead or alive, or brainwashed by the government to keep quiet and remain in the shadows.

I started this investigation in the hope that I would find at least one ray of hope that the Warriors are out there, fighting for us- chasing the Syrolai away. But if they are hiding, they are hiding well.

We can only hope that someday soon, they will return to us, and all of our questions will be answered. As I said, the Warriors are strict with their traditions, and the only thing that has never changed, no matter what, is that the Warriors live to protect us. I choose to believe that they have their reasons for not doing so right now, but that they will, given enough time.

I do not think they are to blame for the attacks. I do not think that they are being controlled or blackmailed. I think what most others think; that the Warriors- great as they may be, are just boys.

We have already lost so many of our young, adding the Warriors to the death toll, cruel as it may sound, won’t achieve anything.

If it is true that they are currently 19 years old, the soonest we can expect to meet them, would be in 2009- two years away. All we can do in the meantime is wait, and pray that the Syrolai don’t attack again.


  • 259 332 magicians were killed.
  • The Attacks hit every continent excluding Antarctica, and only fully magical facilities were targeted.
  • The Average age of magicians killed is 17 years old. The youngest victims were twins aged 11.
  • 70% of the victims were male.
  • While Europe had the most attacks, the most deaths occurred in North America. 43% of the lives lost were victims of the North American attacks.
  • While the attacks called for a global shutdown of all schools for magic, Johannesburg will be the first city to resume schooling.
  • Investigators are still unsure of how the attacks were a success. No one knows how that many bombs went off simultaneously, or how the bombs were placed in the schools and hospitals in the first place.
  • It is believed that the Syrolai named themselves after Wilbur Syrolai, a non who was betrayed by the Warriors in their former lives. While this is unconfirmed, it is most likely true.